As a third-year student of Professional Communications at MacEwan University, I have a deep understanding and respect for the struggles students face; whether it be meeting constant deadlines, financial stress, or staying focused when we encounter problems within our personal lives. As well as commenting on social media related affairs, I would like to write personal and honest stories about what it’s like to be a student in Communications, which (I hope) will resonate with my followers. I invite all of my followers to contribute their own stories about anything that encourages us, as students, to reach our full potential.

As a professional, I am deeply interested in environmental sciences. For several years I volunteered as an editor for MacEwan’s student-run Earth Common Journal. The Journal focuses on earth sciences, environmental sustainability, and advancements in green energy and technology. I am also interested in global societal issues, which led to my position as Information Officer for the United Nations Association in Canada-Edmonton Branch. I’m also a bit of a literature geek: William Faulkner, Cormac McCarthy, Edgar Allan Poe and John Steinbeck are just a few of my favourite authors. My strengths lie within editorial work, professional writing, and networking.

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