My Day Without a Search Engine

I don’t like self-imposed restrictions. Thankfully, I do love experiments.

Here are my close encounters with Google today:

For my German studies I always use Google translate when I look up a word. In the name of science, I grabbed my German-English dictionary and did it the old fashioned way. What should have taken seconds took minutes, which turned into an entire afternoon of flipping through pages and pages of foreign verbs and nouns.

My friend and I are going out for dinner tonight. She asked me to pick because I’m always finding new restaurants, all thanks to Google. After a quick search and one or two interesting results, I always go back to Google and comb through their reviews. No such luck tonight.

As usual, today brought questions I hoped Google could answer: why are cell phone companies in Canada so evil, can net neutrality be further simplified, and how is Google managed and run. I’ll stop there because A) I’m running out of word space and B) I eventually accepted that I cannot use Google, and the answers were reluctantly put on hold.

I rely entirely on Google for looking up random facts, language translations, and places to eat—among many other things.

However, I remain unconvinced that Google is run in an underground bunker by a small group of men stroking hairless cats and laughing diabolically as they lay out their next plan to take over the world. Yes, it’s scary to realize they have such enormous power with little to no restrictions. But Google is a complex conglomerate that we often forget is run by people, like you and me, who are deeply invested in preserving public opinion. I’d love to learn Google’s history (I’ll probably use Yahoo to search this one). I deny any conspiracy until I can learn more and form my own conclusion.

At least I didn’t have to do any online research for this one (I kept my word).

p.s. I would’ve included media, but I just realized I use Google for that too.


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