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I try not to talk about celebrities on social media in my posts. But recently I heard an inspiring lecture from Stefani Germanotta aka Lady Gaga where she presented herself not as a celebrity, but as a person, like you and me, experiencing anxiety, stress, depression, and ultimately, a realization of what it means to be human. Her entire lecture focused on our false sense of connectivity over social media, and our lack of real human connection in our day-to-day lives.

Her intrinsic message was demonstrated as such:

“How are you?”


End of conversation. Emotions and vulnerability are dismissed in our generation. Maybe it is okay to say, “Actually, I’m stressed about school. I’m overcome by depression due to all of the responsibilities and demands that are piling up. I wasn’t prepared for any of this, and I can’t find adequate support.”

And social media doesn’t help things either. Stefani cites a study claiming two-thirds of comments on social media are negative. How is this contributing to our sense of social isolation?

“Nobody’s going to remember what you tweeted. But [what] you will never forget is all of that hateful shit that you read every single day.”

What I admire is how Stefani encourages social media users to be rebellious: to stand up to the status quo and post/tweet/blog something positive; something that inspires our followers to be a better person. I would love nothing more than to utilize social media as a positive outlet. We can connect in a way that we never have before.

Instead of, “How are you?”


How about, “How are you?”

“Well, I’m actually stressed about school.” Or, “I’m really happy about this promotion I got at work!”

Which brings the question: why aren’t we taking control and fixing this social isolation and negativity on social media when we have absolute power at our own finger tips? How are you making a change?


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